WIP Kong Skull Island Tribute. Stuck on how to best create Specular map in zbrush

hey guys,

am still a bit of newbie in texturing in zbrush and keyshot. am at a point with this where i’d like to play with some poly paint, but first try a Specular map. have no idea how to create a specular map in zbrush r7.

right now i just have a mat cap “gorilla” mat on the character. should i unwrap and create a texture. then open in photoshop, convert to greyscale or something for a good sweaty skin look on certain areas ?

any help greatly appreciated.



If you move this to the Questions and Troubleshooting forum, I have some ideas for you complete with illustration, but I can’t post that in the main forum or else the pictures go into my user gallery. :confused:

hello there and thank you kindly for your reply. i don’t see a “questions and trouble shooting” section ?

could you send a link ? also, should i delete and copy and paste this question there ?

A mod might see this thread and move it in any event, but you can always just recreate it here:


Images posted there don’t receive a thumbnail on the main page or go into your user gallery, so its a better place to post technical or educational images.

ok scott, it’s posted in that new area you linked too :wink: