WIP - Head of David by Michel-Angelo

Hi there

I’m currently, while at home, learning human anatomy, and especially for the next weeks the human face. I bought so many books and tutorials over the years, without finding any moment to really go deep into that subject.

My exercice now is to do my best to replicate the head of David by Michel-Angelo to practice.

I started from a sphere without any shortcut

coming along very nicely. I would recommend dropping down to a lower subdivision level and smoothing out portions for the model.

You have a bit of lumpiness through out the model. For example, right above the ear (the temporalis) and along the temple of the head.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ve started maybe on a too dense dynamesh. I will use the Zremesher and the Project tool to move to a mesh with subdivisions levels. It will be easier to smooth it.

I’ve started the head with just few pictures. I’ll need more time and references to get it right. I’ll come back later with a better one!

I took some time to remesh my head, and to refine some parts. I’m switching between 4 subdivisions levels, and it’s way easier to smooth some parts indeed :slight_smile:

Next time, I’ll start the hair and improve the overall shape of the skull which doesn’t seem quite right at the moment.

I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time twicking tiny parts, and retwicking them again and again, depending of the images and the orientations I found. I still have to improve my workflow by blocking better the main parts at the beginning


It’s better but still has some lumpiness to it. Since you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere I would recommend trying to start over with a different face. I have to do this myself when I’m struggling.