WIP - face

Hi, another work in progress.
this took me 3 hours to do.
right now, I don’t know where to take it from here…
love to get crits.

Looks pretty good and has some character to it. How far are you planning on taking this? Is it just a quick study or do you have plans to finish and continue with the rest of the body?

The wip never ends…
this started as a zdoodle, just had fun, and after that, i decided I want
to start adding more details, hair, sss…
this is where I got so far. the render is not high quality, hope to put more
good quality pictures later.
Love to get c&c.


Wow, pretty badass. What are you rendering in?

thanks. I render in Maya, Mental Ray + SSS

Definitely has a lot of charcter . Well done Vox:+1:

Another great character appears on the forum! :wink:

Is this something you’re just messing around with or do you have plans on animating or doing anything with him?

thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
kyphur - I don’t know, It started as just a mess around, but now I’m starting to
like this guy. perhaps I’ll do some facial animation.
any crits anyone?

The dark haired guy or the blond one?


I think blond fits him better. You can better see the detail there. Maybe the eyes could be a bit more realistic. The rest is really great! :+1:


really nice work… maybe eyes need more specularity to be realistic… but the rest… whaw… really nice :+1: :+1:

The really remarkable thing about the final render is the way you’ve pulled off the translucency of teh skin. Very well done. I’d be eager to hear your dissertation on your techniques for getting that quality of skin in yuor render.