I started a new project. This is a rough sketch. I love this stage. The moment when my ideas take shape. Magic moment. I do not worry about anything. The proportions, anatomy, details of all this later. Only basic forms.
It’s a mix of wind, dance, movement, growth, flexibility and sustainability. Sakura. Bonsai. Tree Pose of yoga. Dancing trees. Wish Tree.
Work in progress.




Now I am happy with a composition

It’s time to say hello. Rough sketch. But I really in love with harsh strokes.

Refining her dress

Hello everybody. I have a little update.
I was working with clothes and pedestal. I added the roots and branches. The branches will be thinner and sleeker after disable dynamesh.
Then I will return to face. And finally I’ll put it all together.

love the wind :slight_smile:

Thank you Wojciech )

Beautiful project!

Totyo , thanks a lot :slight_smile:

update & upgrade )

I noticed that for a long time didn’t update this WIP. So…





Playing with BPR

Renders from Vray for Maya

I appreciate you showing how this progressed. You have made great decisions along the way. Your resulting piece is beautiful and intriguing to look at.
I wonder how did you make all the leaves and flowers as well as all the leaves at the base?

I agree with ArtBot
Looks very beautiful and intriguing indeed!
Thanks for showing your progress :slight_smile:

Really amazing work. Looking forward to see more posts from you.

Thanks for sharing the break downs, very beautiful sculpt, keep it up!

Beautiful work!!! You have a great eye for sculpture, and I love the posing and realism:)

ArtBot, thank you)
Leaves was placed using Nanomesh. For flowers I made two InsertMesh brushes. All of them was placed manually.


guys, thank you so much for the warm words =)))