WIP - Alien something

Hey first post =)

  Here's a WIP im working on, it's sort of a learning zb3 thing, and so far I realy love zb3 !! Hope you like it :)





Very cool, really like the design and detailing. Looking forward to see this progress.

nice start, how do you like those pinch tools?

Lupus D’Scotia: Hey thanks =) I plan to detail it until my computer crashes :smiley:

se7enthcin: I love the pinch tool, combined with lazymouse, thats what i use for the “neck armor” thing =)


great job… it usually takes people a while to figure out the clean edge methods like you have on your armor… your sculpt looks to me like an experienced ZBrush work

Looking fantastic.

wow! That’s amazing.

Can you please give me some tips on how you did the aliens style head!


Mustan9, I just started with a sphere for the head and used “tweak” to rough out the …hmm…rough shapes =) I try to craft the general shape with tweak as long as possible before converting to sculpting, then i still adjust the shape with tweak. Using big big brushes with tweak to move around alot of gemotry, so I can always change big details I dont like… well donnu if this helps ?


Here is a update on my WiP, thanks for all the comments !



Very cool! The detailing around the jaw and mouth could use a little more definition as to what you’re trying to do there. I love the solids and organics together.

Awesome start!!!

Here’s hoping you’ve got a fast fat computer… :smiley:

How did you do those little tubes?

Kosher: thanks =) Funny you would mention the mouth I’ve planed to remake that area since im not happy with it, expect it to change…hopefully to the better :wink:

Markkens: The tubes are just some zspheres as a subtool, the “top” zphere i…um dont know what it’s called but clicked it so it doesnt generate mesh, leaving me with just the tubes, plan to add some more :slight_smile:
As for a computer here is a link to my rigg which I plan to update just for zbrush :wink:

(dont play wow since zb3 came out :wink:



Nice sculpt. Did you use imported geometry to start with?

Jaystein: I started with a sphere for the head, and tweaked it and sculpted it, then I added a circle…dounot if you will, and tweaked and sculpted it for the neck armor. Then I did the spine and pneumatic thing in his neck in Modo and imported, also the little things connected to the lines I did in Modo and imported, the lines are zspheres though.


these kind of look like prototype Aliens to me, before they were fully biological weapons. But does it reaaally need a chin ring :slight_smile:

Hyper_Z: Yeah it kinda became a sort of “civilized” alien… but does it have to be before ? maybe they evolved to this ? =) Anyway, as Im reworknig the mouth area heavily we’ll see what happends to the chin rings :wink:


That is looking amazing.