WIP - African Kid

Hello everyone, at the moment i’m modeling a african kid terrorist and I started with the body. Would like to hear from your what to change, before i retopologize the model. By the way, should i model the nails on the body, or separate?
This is going to maya to be rendered with mental ray, and the result is suposed to be photorealistic




Hey the kid is looking pretty good so far. The feet and ankles look a bit too small and the thumb is a bit off, you can notice the thumb the most in the profile view. It is a good start. I would recommend modeling the fingernails and toenails separately, it will make things easier and will look better.

Can’t wait to see it farther along!

Ty very much! As for the face? Do you recognize that he is 12/15 years old or he looks older than that?

Nothing that a little smoothing brush won’t fix, add and smooth a bit on the sides of his mouth, and around the underside of the cheekbones.
It is tempting to over-detail children and women faces, I did it all the time myself. You just have to step back from it for a bit so you can
get a different perspective on the overall piece. Otherwise, I think it’s astounding!