Winstone Art

Hey folks,
Just here to post some art and perhaps get some feedback!

Thanks all!



Lizard Man Sculpt I did at work during some downtime last year. Based on a great concept https://www.artstation.com/artwork/design-of-the-monster-the-lizard-man

So I have been working on this sculpt now and then during down time at work. Slowly coming together. Looking for any and all feedback!

Update for tonight!
Did a few minor details to the anatomy, mostly been messing with the hands and getting them right. Knuckles and where they bend. Making sure it lines up properly. Right now I am working on some zRemeshed topology, projected from a dynamesh sculpt I did for block out. I’m thinking soon I’ll go in a manually fix the geo. Not much is needed for what I need, mostly around the face :slight_smile:

beautiful sculpt. cant wait to see the final one.

@ashraful_mobin thanks man!

Weekend speed sculpt. Had fun with this one.

Experimenting with suit cut-lines and segments.

Was playing around last night and made this :stuck_out_tongue: