I think that to help the community I would add this to the forums, I personally could not find this anywhere and i thought i would start this forum to help future artists.

So the problem is how to make high quality wings in zbrush

The problem’s I faced is how to even do this in the first place and not make any ridiculous topology that would not be able to transfer well in to a low poly and how not to make something in a ridiculous poly count that my system would not be able to handle.

So I first used a tutorial for wing making on digital tutors and found that it was great but way too high poly to handle.

So after doing enough research I decided that for best results I used a connection mesh and a micromesh combination, What do you guys think.

Does anyone have a better technique?






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I can’t think of any. The micromesh trick I think is your best bet to get a clean, consistent angel-wing look. Very solid design, by the way.

Very cool solution. Can you post pics of your target meshes?

They might look ugly by itself but it had to be squeezed to the plane.

hi friends
I like the image below I create a beautiful wings software zbrush.
but really I can not.
Please advise how I create it from 0 to 100.

Thank you

I don’t know if you saw this along your travels.
Has a number of ways to make different kind of feathers based on your system resources/goals etc.

Just thought I’d share.