wings help?

hey guys did anyone know a tutorial for model wings? like angel like wings?
i am trying to model a pegasus

You don’t need a tutorial, you need reference!
just google “wing anatomy” and you’ll get plenty of it.
create a few feathers; then create a proxy mesh for the wing’s “meaty part”; use zmodeler’s “insert NanoMesh” to populate the proxy mesh with the feathers, or you could create a InsertMultiMesh brush with those feathers and then drag them out one by one or in groups, you choose.


thanks this is good,but i have a question how did i use a proxy mesh?

follow this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noreHATGXeY

but instead of primitives have your feathers as subtools.
Create an InsertMultiMesh Brush.
Prepare a reasonably low poly surface in a shape of a chicken wing, nothing fancy, it’ll be completely covered by feathers.
Now you can drag the feathers out on the surface using zmodeler’s Insert Nanomesh action.

hope this helps, happy sculpting.

it does thank you very much