Windows ID with plugin?

How does Window ID work with respect to creating a plugin?
Does the name of the plugin and it’s location affect the ID. ie if you rename a plugin will it cause problems with the (location) and reference of the button that is trying to be accessed later on?


The window IDs for plugins are assigned by ZBrush on startup, so the ID for a particular plugin button will change depending on what plugins you have installed and won’t be consistent across different systems.

You shouldn’t hard code a plugin window ID - use [IGetID] and query the Preferences>Utilities>View Window Id slider.

That’s what I mean, will the ID as viewed by the View Window ID slider differ when a plug-in has had it’s parent directory directory renamed? I’m just trying to get a handle on the ID gets generated.

I don’t understand what you mean by renaming the plugin’s parent directory. A ZBrush plugin’s parent directory is the ZPlugs64.

Can you explain what you’re wanting to do? I will then have a better idea of how to help.

I’ll wait for the coffee to kick in, run some tests of my own and then get back to you.

I think I understand the question in reference to “parent directory” meaning the folder for the actual plug in which, as a whole can be whatever designation/id as long as the whole folder with its parts are located within the zPlugs64 folder.