Behind This Whole Concept The south indian female model was created as a homage, To create a model related to south indian character from my culture now i got the final render. i spent two or three hours every day in the last few weeks.
Model was created from scratch in zbrush- Dynamesh and Retopo; Sculpted back in ZBrush . lots of references and prior to start this one I did a few studies in photoshop.
Textured in Mari and substance painter,XYZ used for Displacement, and rendered in Arnold for Maya.Groom was done with XGEN.
Maya,Zbrush,Mari,Substance Painter,MayaArnold.Maps Use XYZ.

Clouseup01_A Clouseup02 Clouseup03 gray


Impressive ,

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Gorgeous work! with a sense of serenity. Well done.

Awesome work udaya.

This is so nice man.

Thank u Jaime

Superb brother. Keep going.

Thanks bro

Thanks Jaime

Thanks bro

Great Work Udaya…:clap::clap::clap:

Well Deserved Toprow Udaya!!

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Thanks shiva

Amazing how you made such realistic hair ???

Xgen is fantastic hair tool ,I fine tune in Arnold render settings and Arnold Shader,xgen clumping and noise is more important…Thanks Konstantin.

Thanks Dude

Very nice. Ethnicity can be difficult. One question. Why Mari and Substance? What was it that drove you to use both of those programs instead of just sticking to one?

Thank u so much,
Why Mari and Substance?
Yes Jewels ornaments will make in substance ,skin details secondary maps will done in mari ,SSS weight map will come properly in substance.that way i choose that ,.