Why might I be getting a Cant find interface item error ?

I have a macro that includes a line that selects a brush, I am creating several versions of this macro, and just changing the brush name in this line:

[IPress,Brush:My CLAY BULID] My CLAY BUILD is a custom version of the ClayBuildUp brush.

The macro is working fine for all the brush names I substitute in this line.

However with this one custom brush My CLAY BUILD, causes an " cant find interface item "error.

I have checked all the spelling of the name, and all the brushes are in the same Zbrush folder, and show up in the main brush palette. So nothing seems different about this one custom brush except that the script when run with this one brush gives me that error.

Any ideas I can try to get this brush to work in the macro?



The latest build.

Hi Susan,

Doug’s pointing out that you’ve spelled BUILD as BULID in your post. :wink:

There are really only two things that could cause this error in this case:

  1. The brush isn’t loaded. (But you’ve stated that it is, so it can’t be that.)
  2. The brush path in the [IPress] command is incorrect.

I suggest you record a new macro of you just selecting your custom brush. Save it and test it to check it works. You can then open the macro text file in Notepad and copy the relevant [IPress] line to your other macro.


Oh, I see, Yes thanks Doug, I can be a bad speller at times, so when I was originally checking the problem brush I did check the spelling and also renamed it. Nothing seemed to work.

So I recreated the brush from scratch and then it worked.

I did notice while doing this that my original ZB clay build up brush, had some how changed its icon to the icon image I created for my custom clay build up brush, so I reloaded that original ZB brush from a back up.

I notice now, and I am not sure if this was there before that there is a ? mark in the brushes icon upper right corner what does that mean? Thanks.
brush icon.JPG

How can I solve this?ERROR