White and Gold

Hey everybody. I’ve had this idea knocking around for a while and decided to sit down and try my hand at it. So, how I approached this is once I got the sculpt blocked in, I took it into Houdini to do some volume analysis then fed that data into a solver sop with an advect points node set up inside it, to basically make a poor man’s fluid sim. I then voxelized those points to get the geometry for the drips. I also generated the boolean meshes to use later with zbrush’s live boolean so I could work non destructively and have the ability to sculpt “through” the border without messing it up. Once I had all that I pushed it back into Zbrush for a second sculpting pass to finish up the bust, and also manually sculpt the drips to get them looking how I wanted initially. Finally, I popped the whole thing into Maya and rendered it using Arnold on my poor, overworked laptop. Hope you enjoy!


Very cool piece. Thank you for sharing.

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Really great!!! :heart_eyes: