What's your ZBrush/Huion H610 configuration?

If you use a Huion H610 or Pro tablet. How do you have your tablet configured in relation to hot keys for Zbrush?

I’m trying the following from top to bottom:

  1. SpaceBar for Brush Size slider
  2. X for Symmetry
  4. [ Decrease Brush Size
  5. ] Increase Brush Size
  6. ALT
  7. SHIFT
  8. CTRL

i need to know this as well. i cannot figure out how to get the proper keybinds or set it up. plz help!

old thread but i would love to get to know how to use my new huion with zbrush also

Can anyone help with setting up a Huion 1060 Plus tablet to use efficiently in ZBrush ?

I recently bought a New 1060 Plus Huion tablet.
Sure it works fine with excellent pen pressure sensitivity but I cannot for the life of me set up the express keys or the other hot keys to use them effeciently as keyboard shortcuts in Zbrush. And as everyone knows to work comfortably in Zbrush you do need to use certain keys with ease such as Shift Ctrl Alt and the F key to centre a model or the A key to preview adaptive skins for ZSpheres to name but a few keys I use all the time.
I can use the main keyboard to centre the object with key F
or I can hold down shift and crtl and alt when navigating or hiding and masking parts of a model etc…
I tend to mask using the keyboard keys.
Actually I would only need to set up the pen’s second button as ALT so I can ZSub when using certain brushes.
Other than that I wouldnt really need any shortcuts I could simply use the keyboard.
But it is awkward to hold down the ALT key and hold the pen at the same time.

So I really only need the right button on the pen to be set up as an ALT keyboard shortcut.
I tried to do this in the tablet settings of the Huion driver but I wasnt able to do it.
I set the second pen button to a None key since Alt is not available as Key in their setting ans I clicked on the Alt option next to the none key selection.
It did not work.

Can anyone tell me how to set up the Huion tablet to work in ZBrush please !

I have exhausted my online search - there is no help.
Huion also informed me they have no support on such matters.

Can anyone who uses a Huion tablet help me with any advice or tips on how to use the tablet effectively in ZBrush.

Otherwise I am better off using a mouse or maybe I should buy a Wacom tablet wihich seems to be better orientated to use in ZBrush.

well i didnt use mine in while but i think it got it going at one point, hey do you want to link up, add me on skype at shawnshawn246

If you have the 1060 Plus and not the 1060 Pro Plus you can set all the K buttons on it to optimize your workflow. The Alt key thing on the pen button will not work (at least for now), It will show you the minus sign on the pointer but once you click on the screen it will enter on navigation mode.

I have this setting, perhaps this will help:

Pen setting:
First Button - F (I use it a lot to center my models on the screen)
Second Button - RMB (I use right click navigation so I disable the right click popup in Preferences Tab)

Advance Settings:
K1 - Esc
K2 - Enter
K3 - Tab+Alt (To change windows from Zbrush to whatever I need to see)
K4 - Tab
K5 - Ctrl+Z
K6 - Ctrl+Shift+Z
K7 - Ctrl+Shift (You need to put this kind of combo keys in one button because pressing Ctrl and Shift as separate buttons wont work)
K8 - Ctrl+Alt
K9 - Shift
K10 - Spacebar
K11 - Ctrl
K12 - Alt

I also use some of the S keys too.

Regards bro.

I recently picked up the new GT-221 and the right click navigation simply does not work in zBrush on mac. It does work on Windows (I tested with sculptris). If I assign right click to an express key at the side, r-click navigation works as expected (except I have run out of fingers for ctrl/alt/shift!) but not on the pen button.

As you can imagine this is deeply frustrating! Not had much joy from support who basically said ‘we don’t know anything about zBrush, assign spacebar instead’. Not helpful considering they claim compatibility?!

Are there any mac users here who can confirm r-click navigation works with their Huion? I’m convinced there’s something missing from the mac driver for the model I have (considering it works fine in windows) but I can’t convince support!

Cheers :slight_smile: