Whats the trick to get a light pallet background image to work

Hi I am trying to get one of the pre loaded Zbrush panorama background images to work from the light palette, but it seems simple enough but its just not working . Any ideas why this is not working? Thanks

Hi @Zolly ,

It should be simple. Please make sure your program version is fully up to date, then restart the program and load the Dog.Zpr from Lightbox.

Immediately open the Light> Background palette and click on the “Texture” button and apply one of the textures that ships with ZBrush to it without changing any other setting in the program.

This should immediately work and show that texture as a background image.

  1. If this works as I have described in this case but does not work in your previous file, then the problem may have to do with a scene setting you have introduced in that file. It should also work with the images in the Lightbox Panoramas folder and does from my testing. However not every image was tested. It is possible there may be a problem with some specific image.

  2. If this does not work as I have described, there may be an issue with your installation or program configuration. Please contact Support.

Thank you!

Thanks for that Spyndel.