Whats the correct Projection setting for this polypaint projection

Hi, I have a model of a Lilly flower that was made of a few subtools with their own texture maps. I merged them and then and then, applied the textures as polypaint to the subtools so I could then project the subtool color on to the merged model one at a time. This worked out well but in some areas I got some color projecting in the wrong areas, see pics, these were areas that were close to each other in space, but not areas that meshes were actually aligned. What would be the settings in the Project pallet be to avoid this. Thanks


ZB 2


Hi @Zolly ,

In this case I wouldnt worry about the settings so much as simply excluding certain areas of the geometry from the projection. You don’t have to project the color all at once. If two adjacent surfaces are interfering with each other you can project the color to them in separate passes.

Remember that you can use masking to protect areas of the target mesh you don’t want to receive any color, and you can hide geometry on the source mesh to keep it from contributing to the projection. Simply isolate one area for projection in one pass, then exclude it from a second pass when you color the rest.


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Thanks Spyndel, that is a really good tip! :dizzy: