what monitor you working on (POLL for all artists here)

Big poll of what monitor you’re working on.
Posting your monitor model here would be appreciated.

hmmm seems I can’t create poll so please just post your setups.

Current setup is an MSI Stealth hooked up to a Panasonic 42" TV. All kindz of big screen action.

To get the best detail for very minute work with images, a large high resolution display is ideal for graphic artists. The NEC PA-322UHD display offers a very large 32-inch display with a full 4K or UltraHD display resolution. The 32-inch panel used for the display uses the new IGZO technology that allows it to get some great color while using less power than traditional LCD panel technologies. In fact, it can display up to 99.2% of the AdobeRGB color space. To make sure that the display continues to offer the best color possible over its life, NEC also offers this version with its SpectraView color calibration unit. This ensures that digital artists can be sure that there work on their PC will be accurate to their final product. The downside here is of course the price which is typically around $3500.