What folders to sync/backup for settings- and asset library recovery

so i want to sync/backup the important folders to my cloud to be able to rebuild my settings and assets library. what folders do i have to sync/backup ?

Hi @AllPaintedGold

Keep in mind that we do not recommend either saving directly to or loading directly from a cloud or network location. These can be large, resource-intensive processes and introducing performance, security, or connectivity variables to that process significantly increases the opportunity for corruption. We recommend the use of an option that first saves files locally then mirrors to the cloud.

From your description there would be three things that need backed up:

  1. Quicksave/autosave directory. This is located in the ZBrushData20XX folder by default, but can be re-targeted anywhere:


  1. Any custom content stored in the Lightbox folders in the ZBrush program folder. Note that shortcuts to any other location can be dropped into the Lightbox folders to allow you to access it through the Lightbox file browser in ZBrush. You need not store your content directly in the program folder and it can be advantageous not to. Pointing to a custom location allows you to access it from any installation of ZBrush without having to worry about copying data over.

  2. Wherever you might be manually saving any files.

Settings: Note that it is trivially easy to manually back up custom settings in ZBrush any place you’d like. As far as the settings it is possible to save for ZBrush startup, UI and Config can be saved out in Preferences> Config, and hotkeys can be saved out in Preferences> Hotkeys. Simply load the files into any version ZBrush to restore them.

If these preferences are being changed so frequently to make auto-back up desirable, then it would be a matter of backing up the ZBrushData20XX folder. However before you do this you will want to re-target the scratch disk someplace else. By default, ZBrush writes virtual memory files to that location and it is the second largest use of storage after the quicksave directory. You don’t want to be backing this up.


Hope that helps! :slight_smile: