What are your top 3 fav. reasons for ZB3?

From what we’ve seen of zbrush 3.0 so far, I think it would be fun to find out what are the 3 most important features in the update that you think will improve your workflow the most.

Out of the mirad of features my choices are:

  1. retopology
  2. mesh projection
  3. faster smoothing at higher sudiv levels (assumming that it’s been addressed)
  1. Transposing
  2. Realtime shadows (at least good enough for working with in real time)
  3. Material capture. (Blows my mind however they did this!)
  1. We don’t know how V3 will look like.
  2. There are threads already about this.
  3. It’s the from forum…
    Lemo :wink:

Will there be a public beta of ZB3?

Unlikely. There’s only a month before the release date, and such a short period wouldn’t leave much time to get in serious feedback and be able to act on it in a meaningful way.

Of course, if I could predict the future, I would have won the lottery by now.