Here are some projects I’ve worked on and am currently working on. The Werewolf thing is for an upcoming comic, wanted me to do some 3d concept sketches for the comic artists to get a feel for character . Really can’t say more than that.

this next sculpture was for a contest a couple years back and I thought it was a shame it was falling apart so I sculpted it in zb and took some liberties with anatomy. I petered out for detailing and hands and feet I had to get to get back to making money. John the model grew a beard in the meantime so I thought I would add it .

this was a sculpture of my buddy Doug , just goofing around made him into a sphinx

these are some shots of some work pieces . Sabathia , Lincecum , Halo Reach box set . I did the terrain , I also fixed some meshes on the figures but that was miniscule and not worth showing . Horse is from Prince of Persia toy .

this next one was tough to get decent detail because It couldn’t have any undercuts , it would be produced with a clam shell mold .

![Werewolf_dec8_12.jpg|1038x762](upload://z1YExKsgIGWjjIPHnyM10xsK83F.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_10.jpg|1038x762](upload://7vF35oa1X35rSL2YuJyGwLeATZi.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_1.jpg|1038x762](upload://5bWmWJhOEKetwuUBLc2sIFVlmjK.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_11.jpg|1038x762](upload://yfblZQMkLiHMQx2TIr0DPy8QrRZ.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_1.jpg|1038x762](upload://5bWmWJhOEKetwuUBLc2sIFVlmjK.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec10_3_smooth.jpg|1038x722](upload://9iPIVlhO5LtbqaV89PKtvURyn3P.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_6.jpg|1038x762](upload://5CarSr7y7D57MLrBH7MTLqLyZru.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_7.jpg|1038x762](upload://jeLuvIFP14ForTwAun0GH93xG6K.jpeg)![Werewolf_dec8_14.jpg|1038x762](upload://3lgF1kiIg7zVwO5g7xqQ9Uoqad2.jpeg)![GRAND CENTRAL SCULPTURE.JPG|573x724](upload://gsNPxZBqqJ7ZzSb35uzH72f5V9I.jpeg)![JOHN_1.jpg|1038x722](upload://v8mLeP4PY0U3AJ7AUn0rk03wkyT.jpeg)![JOHN_2.jpg|1038x722](upload://904x2jBydAiMplJth8myLiLSeO3.jpeg)![JOHN_12.jpg|1038x713](upload://y1CQSlObB5wUFkPyrpxOp7Uaxjb.jpeg)![JOHN_4.jpg|1038x722](upload://uNiqL0ooWzY0XfkqoGEftF6tsdY.jpeg)![JOHN_5.jpg|1038x722](upload://1q2rbPMpFjBgWjLx3Zw6rPaqPQO.jpeg)![JOHN_8.jpg|1038x722](upload://vRVnVT3rAAwxXmpfkLDwGjaKUwP.jpeg)![JOHN_7.jpg|1038x722](upload://6FkC45U5nZq3Xny5IseCLoB8JCb.jpeg)![JOHN_9.jpg|1038x722](upload://ol8VCjWODr0H9KKvE6v4pzgHcWn.jpeg)![DOUG_DAYDREAMING.jpg|937x758](upload://oNYwLWsNs16Ytu25z1WmNBMNFjd.jpeg)![DOUG_SPHINX_2.JPG|937x758](upload://9niFkThjBr4FhJJnMWAvxatlf7F.jpeg)![DOUG_SPHINX_1.jpg|937x758](upload://5tmDe1yb5AEujJI8gUTpfH77AK9.jpeg)![Halo_Base_6.jpg|1038x713](upload://6S2gg496pjI5UxbOwQ5Qg8Z0TiW.jpeg)![BUNGIE.JPG|913x658](upload://rDUpFZtQbcpjsZHNDIEnuzmEU0F.jpeg)![Halo_Base_4.jpg|1038x762](upload://ldSbh4FDVP4cOFmf9NrZmx1af8z.jpeg)![BUNGIE2.JPG|791x704](upload://rtOc3Orc2Trgn0u6kDsamDuU8Yi.jpeg)![progress of baseball player.JPG|1100x1100](upload://7ffC0eOZlckzNAkA6DY8QLfMYxy.jpeg)![TIM_L_ROUGH.jpg|960x720](upload://mV3yomxKnIe5p8AHIJg4k3euagj.jpeg)![TIM_L_ROUGH_02.jpg|960x720](upload://riBQj4qwWq4zC0O2tswicDiEEUi.jpeg)![man for trophy.jpg|894x902](upload://zjX5lukJ5IFUHGbxJgxoR4Suh3S.jpeg)![man for trophy2.jpg|894x902](upload://w5t9uBldxhpmATbDnqcZ6FskzjU.jpeg)

Beautiful works here. Thanks for sharing.

you are just a sculpting master
u deserve the top row for sure …grt stuff and very very inspiring
thanks a lot for sharing

beautiful sculpts and the poses are very dynamic

Impressed with the running bowler.

This is really stunning work! You are a great figurative sculptor. Right up there.

thanks for the kind words everybody , I’ll try and post more soon .

some great stuff. can’t wait to see more!

pretty badass man. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very inspiring man!

Great work! I would love to know how you made the rocks for the Halo sculpt. If you could do a tutorial on your process that would be sweet!

Some good stuff here.

great anatomy and overall sculpts. Love it :+1:

thanks again guys

CLINTUS- I’ll dredge up some of the alphas I used and do a little rock tut , it’s pretty simple .

ah, so i knew that clay sculpture looked a bit familiar. i was going to ask what it was from, i thought it was the GCA sculpture competition. it seems i was right. great works.

CLINTUS , I realized my work flow on the base is obsolete now because of the new tools in ZB4 like Hpolish which I use alot now. Before I used to use clay tubes to get my flat surface not flatten tool it seemed to get funky with flatten tool , clay , smooth and standard back and forth . I still use them but not as much for rock formations .

to get a good crisp angle in a rock I use the standard brush with alpha 39 on high focal to cut line then use Hpolish on either side to flatten them out .I attached some of the alphas I used, can’t remember where I found them . basically just try different combos and see what happens. Hope that helps if not let me know .

dpeteuil , yep that’s the contest , I think it was 07 , for anyone else out there check out grand central academy website some great painters there.concrete_alpha_02.jpgrock texture.jpgSAND.jpg

Here are some pics from Toy Fair of my Michonne sculpture for Mcfarlane . It was all done in ZB , can’t show ZB images yet. It is a prototype and will have more detail . Will show more in the future . Drill and Sword done by Eric Schall.
Thanks for looking.


That is a great print :+1: ! Look forward to seeing the ZBrush stuff :slight_smile: .

thanks Etcher, will keep posted.

Very nice. i love how realistic your faces look! What alpha did you use for the leather wrinkles on the boots? Great work.