wendigo 2015

this is our first month crunch from work.
there is a random subject given which for November was Wendigo.
the idea is to practice your skills according to your schedule with in a month.

in this case as i am busy from work and as a father. at home i still steal some time to work on this guy but of course i dont want my 3 year old daughter having nighmares. so i have to work when she is sleeping :smiley:

it started out as just some head sculpt, then had a little fun went on doing a bust (tors cut).
but again i decided that i push it more so i ended up doing this piece .

total working days was 4 hands on.

my idea was:
he chokes and sucks his victims dry with those leech like veins.
skins them then feed the skin to his pet hyena named messy as he has a 0% fat diet :smiley:
and finally eat his victims including the bones as he needs calcium for those fancy antlers.

i was only to model the head…

and then i thought of doing the torso…


until i decided to do more :slight_smile:

till it ended up like this.

here are some few brushes that i use most of the time during my practice.
i usually break my anatomy into 4 major parts head/torso/arms and hand/legs
pose it then dynamesh it at a moderate resolution for blocking.
just the usual process nothing fancy on this one :slight_smile:






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So Good!

Absolutely awesome. i like it :wink:

Awesome, and very unique. There are lots of monsters around here but this one has something in it :wink: Maybe calcium…

Terrifyingly great!! sucks to be that dude tho’ :smiley: I really love the face, proportions and definition of it all…very well done!!!



a very cool take on the Wendigo!:+1:

I think I might have nightmares!

"Moooolto inquietante’ in italian! :smiley:

thank you very much! :smiley:

This looks damn good to only have taken you 4 days. I want to get to a point where I’m that fast with a finish sculpt. My problem is when I’m working on something i keep adding things to it as i go. I need to get better at sticking to the original idea. Nonetheless, this looks awesome. :smiley:

Sick work!

This sculpt is absolutely awesome, ****ing well done! It has a lot of character and really one of a kind sculpt.

very cool concept, love your style!

Looks great! really nice and interesting anatomy and form.

This is stunning ! Your knowledge about the anatomy is impressive !

Amazing work :slight_smile:

Can’t seem to find that matcap…

Wow this creature is creepy good! Congratulations with top row:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

An awesome sculpt, well done!

Really like how subtle the forms are and the different material reads. Good stuff!