Weekend Alien wip

This is something I’ve been working on in my off time. Comped him into a quicky background with a bit of photoshop work for color correction and light blooms. I’m planning to rig him for lip sync to do a little animation practice.

Thanks to Monstermaker for those skin alphas, they rock! (not that you can see their use too much in this render...) [![Grey_Test01D.jpg|600x800](upload://xCw9uhRIWkDwUzPQkOpsh05nP2r.jpeg)](http://javascript%3Cb%3E%3C/b%3E:zb_insimg%28%276708%27,%27Grey_Test01D.jpg%27,1,0%29) ~Mike D.

Very, very nice colours. The only thing I would suggest for the next one would be the form of the eye balls actually sitting in the scull…meaning it the could be done more in to the scull…very nice job I love it :cool:

Thanks Keramazotti,

Here’s a couple of updates, straight from Zbrush this time.
I actually didn’t think the eyes were quite buggy enough before (sorry Keramazotti).
Also did a bit of messing around with the mouth shape and placement, and a little nostril work.
I love the look of Roma freshly sprayed with Krystal Klear.

~Mike D.





It was an alien weekend for me too. Looking good. How did you do your eye balls? I have not had luck in Z. Seems that most people export this from some other program. Is that the case for you? Funny, I too worked in virtual Roma (actually, I chose Chavant NSP).
I do prefer the green vs. the fully rendered one. He reads better. I think that you had great success with the nostrils. It seems purposeful. But some of the modeling of other wrinkles looks a bit arbitrary. If you apply the same focus and detail to the rest of him as you did in the nose, you are on your way to a solid piece.

We are fortunately “invaded” with great artist that belong ZBforum resident¡¡¡
Keep on your superb skill modelling¡
Thanks for post

Yes Roma rocks!

Your alien head is quite cool… now if Zbrush could only produce the gentle sulphuric smell of Roma I know we all love…
Perhaps someone needs to put together some digital WED : )
: D

Hey Neville, not to be nosey but are you Neville Page?

Scott Spencer

Thanks for the replies,

Yeah, I definitely have some arbitrary wrinklage going on there :slight_smile:
I’ll see what I can do to shape him up a bit. I’m really kind of chomping at the bit to get a facial animation rig going for him, though.

The base mesh was redone a couple of times, the first version was a quicky tossed together in Max, just to get something to sketch with in Zbrush. I worked on that for a while, then took that into Silo and redrew the topology, then cleaned it up in Max again (where I’m most comfortable). Then I dropped in a couple spheres for eyes, brought it all back into Zbrush, and masked off the eyeballs so I could shape the lids.

A little round-a-bout, but I really wanted to get some decent lo-poly geometry to animate later.

~Mike D.