WEBINAR RECAP: The Lowdown on ZModeler (Recap in Post 1)

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We are now pleased to share the video of our first ZBrush Webinar!

Title: The Lowdown on ZModeler
Date: March 24th, 2016
Features Covered: ZModeler Brush (Actions, Targets and Modifiers), Dynamic Subdivision, ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge

No matter your industry, the ZModeler Brush and Dynamic Subdivision combine to form a unique workflow for creating low polygon models. The ZModeler brush is a new brush released with 4R7 that contains polygonal modeling functions allowing you to quickly model shapes without going to another application. Using the basic principles of poly modeling along with ZBrush’s unique workflow this webinar showcased some of these features, empowering your own asset creation in new ways. We finished with a final render in KeyShot, using the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge.

Recap Video:

Some beauty shots of the model created during the webinar:

Webinar 1 Recap.jpg

The next webinar has also been announced! Register for “Don’t Just Build It: Array Mesh It!” today!

Will it be available to view later? I work until 2PM CST which is when starts for me if I didn’t miscalculate.

I would very much like to have a DL version of this as well since I’m at work when this is going live.

Same here, wrong time zone, so it would be great to be able to catch it the day after

REMINDER: The webinar is today at noon, Pacific time. That means it start in about an hour.

Be there! :slight_smile:

Next time please inform that installing the GoToWebinar App is required to actually join the webinar!

Connected and ready to go!

Will this webinar be online to view when it is over?

Great webinar, some wonderful for beginner to advanced users alike. I look forward to more webinars in the future!

Very good seminar!!! Hope to see more to come.

I really wanted to join the webinar, but I just couldn’t! Too busy at work! Hope excerpts will eventually be posted for those who couldn’t watch it live.

please please upload video from this webinar :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed what I got to see of the webinar. And was finding some of the topics covered with Zmodeler very insightful. Would love to be able to watch the whole thing!

Aurick will you let us know if the webinar will be uploaded online?

We hope to, but it remains to see what will be possible. Even so, it will take time to prepare. It’ll be up when (and if!) it’s ready. :slight_smile:

It will take time.

Please stop BS-ing us. The thing was recorded. Stick it in a video converter program,
make a smaller mkv file and have it available for download.
Takes most likely less than an hour or two.


would love to see the webinar as well! I hope you will upload it soon :slight_smile:

Please put out the recorded session - :frowning:
appreciate your efforts

​I have seen the webinar, but would look again to repeat.
How many have to vote for you posted it?

Can’t possibly take over a week to get a recorded session out. I was working when this was on and have been looking forward to watching this.

I’ve attended live webinars and the recordings are usually out a couple of hours later.

“It’ll be up when (and if!) it’s ready”. " And if??? " Release it, or don’t. But please stop teasing your loyal members like a teenager.

I saw bits and pieces of the Webinar and my mind was definitely expanded! Wonderful info. Unfortunately, I was at work at the time and was constantly being pulled away. I know I missed a lot, and I hope and look forward to you posting the whole Webinar.

Thank you for doing this in the first place. Really terrific.