wearable sculpture

Some things I did when taking Tomas Wittelsbach’s jewelry class.

silver-1.jpgsilver-6.jpghands redo-1.jpgbosch bird.193.pnghands redo-4.jpgbeethoven4.jpg

very nice…the ‘bosch bird’ is great…and the dragons…nice style on all of them

You got the bosch birds. THat’s kind of amazing to me. The dragons are actually snakes. Love snakes. All the forms are hearts or parts of hearts. Thank you for commenting

I only got the bosch birds because i saved all the images and saw the name of the file :slight_smile:

I love all of them though…really great work!

Nice Work

Some new pieces. There’s a feather wedding ring, an open work ring, then a alligator pendant and a new piano bracelet. This one is based on Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. I used a fantasy cityscape from the period since he was melding urban sounds with classical ones. don’t really know why, but it made sense

awesome works

really nice stuffs :slight_smile:

I got a Formlabs printer which I’m using to make models for silicon molds, which are then usde for the wax for the cast. Most of these were made that way.
square heart-2-1000.jpgkyosai-13-1000.jpgfront-cameo-1.jpgelevator bracelet-1-1000.jpgarchitect bracelet-1-1000.jpg

Beautiful works of art. Are you doing the silicone molds, wax and casting these yourself or do you use a service?

I’m in Brooklyn with no space for casting and lots of casters around so it has been a matter of figuring out how to get what I wanted and find the people I could work with. I have about 4 casting places I use depending on their strengths and the nature of the project.

it feels like things are beginning to come together. I even held my nose and got an Etsy shop (kkwearablesculpture.etsy.com. A stupid name but very Esty). I’ve got a place in Brooklyn where I can do my finishing work and any other metal type stuff and things like that, but I’m not quitting my day job yet.

Thanks for the compliment.


Working out kinks in the work flow.

twirl earrings-2-1000.jpgruthies bacelet-1000.jpgkking-wishbone bracelet-1000.jpgkking-air tiger-both.jpggargoyle earrings-1-1000.jpgdouble conch front.jpgbouquet-both.jpg


kking-air tiger-both.jpg


3 rings, 2 pendants, 1 pin, 1 pair of earrings, and one big bracelet.bayeuxbracelet-kk-2.jpgbayeuxbracelet-kk-1.jpgalligator pin-kk.jpggreenman-kk.jpg5 tpomalines-kk.jpg5 tpomalines-kk-2.jpgtowerring-kk.jpgtigerfight ring-kk.jpgmoonstone earrings-kk.jpgheart-pendant-kk.jpg

beautiful works…inspiring.

I did stuff with stones, then normal things.

I can’t imagine a man wearing the hand choker necklace, but I could see the rings on either a man or a woman. Same for the wing brooch and the heart lapel pin.


kking_tumbling tourms.jpgothers-8-18-5.jpgmoon ring composit.jpgchoker-1k.jpgothers-8-18-7.jpg


kking_tumbling tourms.jpg

moon ring composit.jpg