weapon and cube

:slight_smile: hello! I’ve already posted the first state of this drawing in the Mahlikus 'sthread, monday’s challenge, so it’s an update with the texture… also i post another picture, for people like me who are sometimes very lazzy in modelling, and it’s nearly just done with the cube with soft edges, and a little (very litle) modelling on one face… amitiés .M.

as usually, very nice work !! :slight_smile:

for the second pict… I suppose it is HDRI light.

Absolutely perfect in all aspects!! always a pleasure seeing your work :grimacing: :+1: :+1: some zscript maybe? :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: CONGRATS!

scuse me, my last image has moved foward yours :frowning: i was updating it cos the contrast was too dark, i though editing the post wont move the image in the scroll bar. sorry

The idea, the model, the texturing, the lighting and the smoke, all fantastic…Great piece that cannon. Never seen anything like that, and I play alot of video games. Very original.

Dude what can i say it’s genious i love that canyon looks creepy and tight :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: