"We Will Win!" - Symbolical Pendants in Ukrainian Style - “Glory to Ukraine!”

I made these two pendants some time ago, after the start of the full-scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine.
Now I want to show this work to our ZBrush community, I hope you like it )

So, the first of them is the symbolic pendant with Archangel Michael, the Patron Saint of Kyiv, and the famous words “Glory to Heroes!” and “We Will Win”.
This work complements the “pendant with Berehynia” creating a logical combination of symbolics.

It is a pleasant fact that the customer is an American who has been rooting for Ukraine and its victory since the very first days of the war.
It was his idea to take as a basis the sculpture of Archangel Michael on Independence Square, and he also asked to make the inscriptions in Ukrainian.
For me, as a Ukrainian, this is particularly significant!

The design of the pendant, sculpture and 3D rendering is my work.
The original size of the pendant is about 2.5 inches. But since this is a digital sculpture and custom, the real product can be available in a fairly wide range of sizes.

I decided to make a symbolic support of the words ”We Will Win“ with the rays of the Sun, in memory of Dzhokhar Dudayev’s saying:
“Russia will disappear from the face of the Earth when the Ukrainian Sun rises!”
It is that time.

Pendant - Archangel Michael Ukraine - Glory to Heroes

The second one is the pendant with “Berehynia” and the Ukrainian national salute “Glory to Ukraine!”.

So, at the customer’s request, the Berehynia sculpture, which is also located on Independence Square in Kyiv, was taken as a basis
…and I slightly changed it, accordingly to my vision and the specifics of this project.

The text on the pendant “Glory to Ukraine!” is a Ukrainian national salute.
It is often accompanied by the response “Glory to the Heroes!” — which corresponds to the pendant with the Archangel Michael.

Pendant - Berehynia of Ukraine - 1

I think these two pendants will be a good combination for “her” and “him”.
It turned out quite unique things, so I hope that they will be popular both as jewelry and as special symbols that will remind of Ukrainian sovereignty and resistance in the struggle for independence.

  • …and also, the third thing I wanted to show you — is the 3D Prints that I made for myself as souvenirs (decoration for my workshop)
    The size is about twice the size of the original.

Pendant with Archangel Michael - 3D Printed Prototype

Pendant with Berehynia - 3D Printing

Pendant with Berehynia - 3D Printed Prototype