Waynes Body Collection Thread


Quick mess around

Ok as an sort of a companion to my head thread here’s a one for full body models, both serious and mess arounds that I do when I have a few mins to spare. Dont ask me what the hell the first one is supposed to be because I haven’t a clue lol… Mostly it was just an escuse to add some accesories.

The 2nd one is a early zbrush 3 sculpting test that I finaly got around to adding some arms to. Not a serious sculpt in any way as I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the anatomy. (I treat speed anatomy sculpts like my speed heads…as ways to finding intersting shapes and concepts.)

Both stilll have their fair share of problems (the first ones legs could be awhole lot better and generally needs some serious tightenting up at some point. )The second as I say is basically just a mess around to see what popped out, although those legs need to go real fast!.





Only 2 models, I was expecting 4 or 5 at least… :smiley:

Really like the first guy, looks like a middle aged survivalist nut, the accessories work well with this guy too…

The orc is good & the legs don’t seem to bad, they just need a bit of tweak, he looks a bit awkward but that’s probably his pose or the camera angle more than anything…

Good stuff though, I really need to pull my finger out & get some work done don’t I… :cry:


The to guy is based on the bloke from my local corner shop (a 50 plus old aging Ska nut called malcom lol.)

The orc type doo dah is completely fubar’d… while adding the arms as a seperate mesh I managed to bugger some other stuff up…so ‘saving’ him may have to wait a good while.


is listening to ska good for the cardiovascular aswell as seeming to give cool muscle masses? lol
just wanted to see the other end of the process a litte
great stuff as always


Antehr quick mess around with the speed anatmy mesh from a few nights ago. The idea for this one comes from something my brother said during a convo a while back.

We were discussing the potential of nano technology for repairing the human body, and he had said that knowing our luck we’d get a one that decided to do its own thing. I imagined it turning around to other nanos inside a body and saying:

‘well lads, I duno what YOUR doing but what I think this guy REALLY needs is an extra arm on his head.’ :smiley:


I dont’ see anything wrong with part of an arm and a hand coming out of someone’s head. Why do we have to be so cruel to people that are unique? Jeez, give the guy a break. :wink:

Very nice sculpt. But yes, a bit freakish.

Messing around with a very bad 2 year old zsphere base


The base for this was one of the very 1st things I ever did in zbrush 2. I found it on an old cd and thought I’d see if I could do anything to recover this very bad base mesh. Only an hour into this so still a lot to fix.

Hey what about orcs? I think the 3d field is full of discrimination against orcs! All we ever see are them with axes etc in their hands loking angry and glum…time for some orc scientists i feel or librarians :wink: LOL



Did a bit of tidying up on this one. Unfortunately as the base mesh stands the hands and feet are basically unsalvagable. So I’l probably insert new meshes for those at some point if I continue with it.


I don’t know man… There’s something about the anatomy on #5 that is a little off. :wink:

Yeah its the stomache mainly Bill. It was yet another of my speed anatomy practice models, the idea is to eventually get my anatomy models as fast as my head and creature models. Due to the time limit I impose on myself for them things can get a llittle off.