Watertight and stl

Hello, I have a question. I have created my first zbrush sculpture. the .zpr has been checked and watertight, however, once I export the file to .stl the exported file is not watertight. do you guys have an idea of what I’m doing wrong? I have exported the file as an .obj and that file is watertight.

Thanks a lot.

Hello @Gerardo_Parra

What do you mean by the “file isn’t watertight”? Has the geometry become un-welded? Are there holes in it? Is it some function in your target software that is telling you it isn’t watertight?

yes, there is a function that checks your mesh, i dont remember the name at the moment cuz im on a diferent computer however if i try to use Close holes it wont fix it.

What are you wanting to achieve here? Is the STL going to be 3D printed? And if so, are you using another piece of software to check that the mesh is watertight?

Personally, when preparing files for 3D print, I do the following:

  • Close holes
  • Auto groups. Click main group. Delete hidden. (This gets rid of random tiny groups)
  • Fix mesh integrity
  • repeat this cycle a couple of times.

Then, I export as OBJ (It seems to have less errors), and load it into a program such as Netfabb to repair holes, catch errors that zbrush can’t, and make sure it’s watertight and ready to go on the printer. Only then do I export it as an STL.