Water worlds

Im really glad to share these two 3d renders Ive been busy with for 6 week’s now, the client wanted a water world mixed with photography, I tried many applications out there realflow, glue3d etc… nothing really came close to what zbrush could offer, it may take long to create in Z, but everything right down to the drops can be moved and joined into other meshes! that freedom is what we needed! hope you enjoy Cheers!





Beautiful work man, looks great! :slight_smile:

Wow…this is really awesome… Love the results!

Lovely composition you have there! Nice work.

Amazing work! Just wondering in what program it was rendered and would love to see some wireframes and learn a bit about your workflow. :smiley:

very smart workflow, and looks like real water to me! i want to see the wireframes too

Thanks a lot for the great feedback, will save images of the workflow soon!
Chalkman it was rendered in Maxwell! thanks again!

Beautiful water!:+1:
The legs of the woman on the horse, they look a bit strange to me.

This is the concept client supplied! going though a lot of reference to find out exactly what they were after in terms of lighting rendering style etc…

next was to get find models and shoot them in a similar idea to the scetch, 2 day’s of shooting!
While doing tests, this was my first zbrush test render to try and match the real photography on the right!
after working out how I was going to create everything, we used zspheres to create the rough skeleton to start zsketching the mesh out
painting more detail in on the basket! and then creating the balloon part with ropes etc… I exported the final mesh into maya! and did some test renders!
this was one of the first test renders, just to give the client a rough idea of where we were headed, problem was it looks to much like glass, it took hours to mix lighting and blending the right kinda hdri maps to get the final result! to get away from that glass look we found out using softer lighting and a great hdri map was a huge factor in creating the look that we were after! as well as comping in some drop’s of real water here and there really brought the image to life!
just to give you an idea of the final res the image was rendered at!
the final printed billboard!
the horse was way more complex in terms of sculpting! if you keen to see that workflow just let me know!
Cheers and thanks again!





Great to see more and more ZBrush work comingout of the continent of Africa… well done!

I haven’t found another user of ZBrush in Namibia yet!

Thanks Sigmund appreciate the feedback! I don’t know any out here either! strange that!

Ultra cool, man. I’m also in SA (Pretoria). Must admit, my ZB skills are not nearly as excellent as yours :slight_smile: Love the work you did here. Nice to meet another SA ZB fan.

Thanks yvan_c! great to meet you to, nice to see other SA people here! you work in the cg industry?

I think it scares many but in the end it is prowerful and fun… Have tried to get a few of the local 3D guys on board the ZB train… but they’re either to lazy or the interface scares them… maybe I should have a workshop here…

Regards Ziggy

Wow, this is one of the most creative uses of ZBrush I’ve ever seen!

Amazing work! Would really like to see more of your workflow if possible ^^

It is very realistic. I wonder how much rendering technique one needs to create those scenes…
Great work, sir.

No I don’t. Sadly.:cry: I’m a hobbyist. Have been dabbling in Zbrush & a other 3d & graphic apps for a number of years now. I think I was born to early to have made a career out of it. Wish I did, though.

Great to see someone else in SA who actually knows what ZB is. LOL!

wowwwwwwwwwwwwww such a nice water work

Hi Yvan… what are you 100 years old… I too am a ou-toppie (SA slang for old man - for other readers) and have got myself where I am and still learning… keeps me out of trouble…