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Here is the next series following the Four Horsemen and the Archangels, which started the Neo-Apocalypse universe : The Elementalists. Sentinels of the natural realm, these androids attuned with nature use elements and beasts to ensure the planet’s preservation.

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It is the thirst for what once was ours
That gives rise to the fear of unpredictability.
Yet there is beauty to be found in the flow,
And power in the movement of our oceans.

Creative Direction, Design & 3D modeling by Marco Plouffe (Marco Plouffe Keos Masons)…

Art Direction (Graphics & Artworks) & Branding by Stéphane Faure (Beesub)
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Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/beesub
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It’s always awe inspiring to see your artwork Master Class :star2:🫡

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