Wash Your Table Foot

Hey people!

This is a very fun project I was invited to collaborate with an illustration that would feature on this Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/laveoditocujo/ (The profile is in Portuguese, but you can enjoy the images and guess what some of the words are referring to!)

Lave o Dito Cujo (which more or less translates to Wash Your Thing) is an illustration project in which every day of the year an artist contributes an image related to one of the several names people give to the penis. :joy:
The whole purpose is to raise awareness of penile cancer and simple ways to avoid it, like cleaning it up!

Make sure to follow the project profile on Instagram, which is super cool and creative, and, while you’re doing so, take the time to learn more about the subject!
I myself was surprised to learn that there are so many people around that do not wash their own table foot! :joy:

I used Zbrush for sculpting the table and its ornaments, Blender for overall modeling of other props, rendering and some of the texturing. Substance Painter for texturing. And Photoshop for post-production.


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what a creative way to raise awareness! Wonderful job :slight_smile:

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Indeed! Thank you!!