Warrior Dwarf





This is gorgeous work ! The attention to detail is stunning ! Could I ask how you but the horse and the dwarf together ? Was it with Zspheres ? Also how did you make the armour ? Was it done in Zbrush ?

Again, amazing work !

great work

great work man! :slight_smile:
the only thing that bothers me is the scale of the dwarf
isn’t a dwarf supposed to be smaller? he seems huge an this horse, even bigger than a normal human being
nice sculpt nonetheless! :slight_smile:

Fabulous work.

Stunning! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

nice work dude! :slight_smile:

Incredible! Great rendering too. I do see a tiny mishap where the bowstring passes through his hip pouch but that’s an easy fix. I think the comp would be stronger if there were a bundle of arrows sticking out somewhere, but now I’m being picky.