Warming up :)!

Well with all this new jaw dropping work flying around I could’nt resist but to try something of my own. Just something I’ve had in my mind for a while now :small_orange_diamond:


Warming up for the new zbrush version , keeping intouch with the tools and generally just having abit of fun.
Hope you like it. Thanks goes to Spiraloid for his head template which I used as a base mesh and andreseloy …my inspiration in this piece from one of your ealier ones :).

Thought I might share a few things I’m learning as a result of my warmups :

  • Something I can say that I’m finding more and more when working is that its very important to have plan to check your model from specific angles of view , different materials and lighting conditions. I have a script that creates different combinations.
  • Second when detailing a character or creating a character with high detail make sure you have a rough outline of the different levels of detail your going to add, just written down on paper in order from largest to smallest details and if you come up with any idea while your working jot it down. You can draw the detail idea and mention where it will be. Divide and conquer - pardon the cliche’ :).

Hopefully more to come in the future :slight_smile:



mega cool model,awesome modeling!!! :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

very nice and detailed model , but I seem to have missed where the base model from spiraloid is ?

Kircho is an honour to me that a great and respect artist like you some work i have made could inspired you¡¡¡ Is a lot more that i sincerely really deserve¡¡
Your model and the concept also the tips are just great¡¡¡

Fantastic!!! I’d like to get someday to that high detailed modelling :grimacing: :grimacing: :+1:
More more more!

Hydrocephal or egg head :slight_smile:
Ps Ears are always the more difficult to negociate :rolleyes:

always a very clean model, kircho… i love the “hesitation” between caricature and sci fi!..

Kircho, great to see your fine work and superb detailing. A great character full of life and a real sense of flesh and movement.

I wish I had the fellow’s brain capacity.

What a great response , was not my expectations, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

To answer some individual question :small_orange_diamond:

  • The Namek - I downloaded the mesh and replyied to Spiroilds most recent post . Unfortunantly when I returned 2 hours later I did not find the link to the mesh or my post…so I’m confused as to what happened my self???..I will repsect the decision of Spiraloid and not post the mesh here…you will need to speak to him about that :slight_smile:

  • andreseloy - I Look at all your work , its really a pleasure to see all the new things you are doing everyday. You and your work are very much an insipration :))

  • Frenchy Pilou - "Ps Ears are always the more difficult to negociate " hahaha :)…in this case its was a more a question of choosing between my chemistry homework and doing the years rather then nagociation :).(But I’m not good with years anyways)

  • Marcel - Thanks for taking the time to comment on my work marcel , I’m much humbled.

  • boozy floozie - Me too :))…then I could work with zbrush and do my chem homework at the same time…now would that be the dream :slight_smile:

thanks once again to everyone for you comments all are very much appricated!!


Very nice! Great model!

Which all goes to prove you will be a real threat when you get your hands on the next release.

Query: What is the material you used on the model… it is very convincing as skin (good light environment too!) Is the material one of the standard ones or did you roll your own?


I’d quite to know how you got the skin to look so realistic too… is it a material or just a high shadow setting…??

It’s a fabul0ous model is that buddy. VERY impressive.

It reminds me a bit of Martin Clunes after taking a tab of acid

ah , ic , Kircho.
Well he must have had a good reason to remove it , probably no use it asking for it then. :frowning:

I will not say why but even so…what is done is done.

Wonderful modeling kircho! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Fantastic modeling Kircho… I love the way you did the forehead, nose and lips… Great character!
Best Regards,

A true test of a model for me is to see the 3/4 view and see it done well. This is one of them. Very cool. I look forward to seeing so much more in the near future.


Hi Southern,
Well southern if we talk about 3/4 views your last model at cgtalk blew the hats of everyone in a 3.4 mile radius!!.. I stared in dibaliefe for quites some time before I had to pick up my jaw and the leave the room sobbing :+1:
Can’t say how much it means to me to have your reply :)…thanks for taking the time.(that goes for everyone.)

BTW for those who were asking about the lighting and redering settings…I have included a little package that contains the Scene ettings, lights and materials I used for the model.( As always thanks go to southern for the lighting and material.)

  • hi PusGhetty - thanks for your kind comments . As I’m just now for the first time starting to model the eyes of characters I would appricate , if its not a burden on your self :), how you think I can imporove the eyes :). If you were talking from an asthetic point of view and not anatomical I will take it as a point to imporove them futher next time :)…thanks

  • MTB - Well mtb it would intersting why my post was deleted when he still has the model for download again :frowning:



Excellent alienesque head model Kircho :+1: Also thanks for the material and light settings, much appreciated. I’ve made a habit of deleting my light and materials settings once in a while, that way I am forced to make new ones from what I know, have learnt from ZBC and just plain experimentation. Sometimes pleasant surprises appear when experimenting with materials/lights like that.

I will probably be using your material and light setting(at least the rays/aperture settings) the next while, so thanks alot :+1:

Great modeling :+1: :+1: I like how you model the areas around the eyes with your heads.


I checked out your little bundle of material, light and environment settings.


I loaded them up and that sent me off to make a series of render tests with various models.

I learned a lot… concluding that environmental settings are VERY important in controlling the final character and appearance of the rendered images.

Previously, the scripts posted by Sarabel first tipped me off as to the importance of the Render/Adjustments tools. Your example confirmed that.

In certain respects the render settings are like the exposure, processing, color-correction timing and filtering they apply to individual scenes of a movie, choices that ultimately characterize the final “look” of the whole film. (I’m always amazed how differently film and video can capture the same scene.)

Anyway, thanks again for posting your settings.


i like this model Kircho…the flesh has a spongyness to it and veins too! i wonder what the skull would be like and the brain too…and the rest of the body, this one keeps me guessing