Warhammer Total War

hey guys. Posting some characters, that I made for Warhammer Total War




lovley modle mate nicley done,i play all the total war games but dont have warhammer yet,im working on a dark angle from warhammer 40k lol anyway keep em coming

Great work but the glare tool was set too high and, in my opinion, ruined the beauty shot. Apart from that, no issues.

Well done.


Fonty-hey dude, thanks!! working on 40k characters sounds nice! one day I will do something from that style too :slight_smile:

mix_mash-thanks mate, and the feedback :wink:

Another one, its in game and hi res model for Emp Balthasar Gelt character, made for TW Warhammer

Love the Gelt character!

Derek Frenzo - thanks mate :slight_smile:

always wanted to make an Orc, so my dream came true)) Grn Grimgor Ironhide for Warhammer Total War is coming)) ingame and hi poly models.
hi rez pictures, you can find on my artstation account, link below :slight_smile:

continue posting more Warhammer Total War characters. Here is another human mate, that I had a pleasure to make for Creative Assembly