War of the Elements: Gaia

This is my entry for ART WAR 4. Gaia is centred around the idea of reincarnation. Bringing the living and the dead together. Really fun character to design! All the work in progress can be found: https://forums.cubebrush.co/t/art-war-4-3d-war-of-the-elements-gaia-bc/8141

I love what you’re doing with all the twisty vines there.

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Thanks :smiley:

Got asked about the technique used, here’s a basic breakdown!


oh the break down on the vines are very nice! :slight_smile:
I think if you open up the uvs and then use the new morph uv to apply some sculpt, the vines will be more eye catching for sure! :slight_smile:

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I liked this one, very cool to look at, and everything is so clean. Even though there are a lot of things going on, it is all easy on the eyes, you can tell what is what, no chaos. Kudos!

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@Pixo_Daisuke Thanks! That’s a great idea, I had considered adding more details to the core vines but figured it would be so hard to do as they are. Morphing uv is an awesome solution!! :smiley: I’ll definitely give it a go.

@Dragon Thank you!! That means a lot because I spent so much time trying to get the balance right (so many iterrations :joy:)