War is a Bitch

Imperial Guard sculpture Inspired by a Karl Kopinski’s Warhammer 40k illustration. It was supposed to be a Cadian trooper, as it is the most iconic regiment, but I gave her own personality. Sergeant Olesya Boyko, 13th Khan Magna Hunters, company D, 1rst platoon, 3rd squad.



Nice, her face reminded me some of the contemporary (film/tv series) depictions of Jeanne d’Arc ( Joan of Arc)…your character has a cool stoic stance, leaves you wondering what the story behind is :+1:

Really nice clean work on this, Love the surface distress on the armor. :+1:

Muchas gracias por tus apreciaciones Jaime! You highlighted part of my intent with this piece!!! Well actually there is a background behind so it is the best compliment to see that the sculpture kindda reflected something and left you wondering about it!

Totally BA! Love the rendering style. Excellent work and great execution on the posing.

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