Large scale Wampa kit I sculpted for a private commission. Only a limited run of these are being produced. Top four renders are by Aditya Parab. Additional sculptural adjustments and art direction by Dan DynamicMenace.



Great looking Wampa! Fur detail looks great and I like the moisture effect around the mouth cavity. :+1:

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Very strong sculpt!! Well done

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This is great, there are so many details, I love it.


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Really appreciate the views and comments. Thank you.

the wampa has always been my favorite star wars creature, and you did an awesome job on this.
i realize it’s been a year and a half since this was posted, but did you sell out on these? hoping there is one left available for me :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it! Dan DynamicMenace was producing the kits based on this digital file. So, reach out to him about kits.


Thanks, i’ve sent him an email for more information.

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STAR WARS day bump.

I reached out to Dan and he told me that both the files and print are no longer available, was a small limited run and he is sold out. :frowning: