Waiting For Coffee

Waiting For Coffee

I wanted to capture a natural look, the feeling of daydreaming when you’re waiting for something.
The sculpt was done in zbrush, textured in Mari and rendered in Maya/Arnold using xgen for the hair.




Beautiful!!! :sunglasses: :+1: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
ps: also great cloth sculpt - or ZBrush Dynamics?

Thank you Etcher! Yeah the cloth is hand sculpted. Still need to try Dynamics :slight_smile:

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Fantastic portrait! :+1:

Yes, definitely captured the daydreaming expression! Well done.

Thanks very much Spyndel!

Thanks a lot Jaime, really appreciate it!

This is a great capture of a moment in time and mood!

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Thanks Michael! :slight_smile:

This is amazingly beautiful! Not just realistic, but gorgeous! Well done!

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That really kind of you Sunil, thank you very much!

Beautiful work! Everything from the expression, to the pose, to the hair on her head, to the hair on her arms, is just exquisite!

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Thank you very much Webhead, I really appreciate it!