Wacom cintiq pro 16 or cintiq 22hd

Hello guys

I know there are some similar threads already but I would like to ask You to help me with my decision.
I want to by new drawing monitor for zbrush. I excluded all wacom alternatives based on my previous experience, I tried some other drawing tablets from Genius etc, but the quality is really obvious and I don’t want to risk faulty units and avoid drivers problems with alternatives like Huion, XP Pen etc
What I’m considering now is Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 once it is released or older Wacom Cintiq 22 HD. Which of those two do You think will be better for ZBrush? Is it better to use smaller screen with higher resolution or bigger screen with smaller resolution?
Cintiq Pro 16 offers 4k resolution and Cintiq 22HD resolution is full HD

Thanks in advance

I own several Wacom Products. I have the Cintiq 22HD the Citiq 27HD and I used to own the 24HD. I also have a MobileStudio Pro 16 which is fantastic.

I love the 22HD for some things but you cannot beat the pressure sensitivity of the Cintiq Pro 16 which is basically the same as a MobileStudio Pro. The pro pen 2 is really great.

Personally if you can afford it I would buy the MobileStudio Pro and get a super nice system that runs zbrush like a charm in a very small package.

As for the 22HD it’s good but the resolution isn’t so great.

Alan Bell