Vulcan Raven

Hey guys,
Here is my first 2013 Thread :smiley:
I was working on a new character in my spare time and here are the results of the model.
It is based on Vulcan Raven. Took me about 23-25 days to model and pose and refine it in pose.
Hope you guys like it and let me know your feedback.



Brilliant mate! Love it.

That is some really nice work! Love all the detail in the muscles, clothing, and in the hard-surface work! Great pose, too!

Errrrrrrrrrrrm…WOAH!!! Literally scrolling through with my chin hitting the floor, LOVE IT!!! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Awesome work. Love the fine detail on the skin and the boots.
How did you go about creating the gun, was it done in zbrush or polymodeling?

@minastris: Thanks sohrab :smiley: you are the man:D
@WebHead: Thanks a lot bro
@Jonboywalton82: Thanks a lot man!
@z4phon: Thanks a lot man! I used combination of ZBrush and Maya based on my needs but mostly done in Maya by poly modeling.

This is pretty epic. It seems a great render is in order to do your model justice.

Fantastic piece
muscles and skin especially

wowwwwwwwwwwww dude top row!! this is amazing stuff

epic sculpt dude! is calling out for a good render

TOP ROW NOW!!!NOW!!! Awesome work dude :+1:

Amazing. That’s all some really superb work. Both the figure and the hard surface are just fantastic. I agree with seeing this on TR.



Fantastic! That is quite the phallic pose, not that there is anything wrong with that :wink:

Fantastic work.
The pose and anatomy are perfect, vascularity is spot-in, nice design, and so much attention to detail and technical accomplishment in laying out vast amounts of it.
The environment is a bit coarse compared to the character, but still fits nicely.

It’s begging for some minor surface weathering to blend the mechanical elements in more, and a full texturing job. Any plans to do that?

Nice one really loving this one!
I agree I would push this further with surface weathering/detail on hard surface parts. Keep it up!

This is EPIC! Wow, thanks for posting this.

Will be studying it all night.


This is pretty damn fantastic!! Top Row for sure. How many subtools and what is the total poly count? How long did this all take? I think I would lose my mind trying to do this amount of detail. Again, awesome work!

wow…wow…just wow…what an epic design i love it man…:D:D:D