VTC ZBrush 4 tutorial videos

I did a ZBrush 4 tutorial series for VTC, the first 28 videos are free for anybody… this may be helpful to newer users in particular.

If you want to upload these to youtube, I could help you optimize them. Let me know…

Your videos are great . We can use VTC ZBrush software to create
animation to be used in mobile gaming . How we can use it.
Thanks for the reply in advance

Once I turn in the series it doesn’t belong to me anymore, the videos are now property of VTC.

Thank-you, I’m not entirely certain of the question you are asking – if you are asking if ZBrush itself can produce animations the answer is yes (after a fashion), but I do not cover that in this series because it does not fit the workflow I outlined in the beginning. I would like to come back to ZBrush and cover alternate workflows (and tools) if there is sufficient demand.

Here’s a bonus for the tutorial series: