Visualarium: Cesar Dacol Jr's Creature Design R2 Class

Hey there. The Creature guys at Visualarium have been doing some amazing work under the tutelage of Cesar Dacol Jr. Can’t wait for them to post it here. The class is over but sign up to be notified when it is out again here.

Alright, Creature dudes! Lets see what you got. :slight_smile:



Hi all! Cesar is probably the best guy to learn from about creature design and zbrush tips and tricks.

Here are a few of my creatures I created during the 10 weeks of the class.


Hi everybody! Hola a todos! … this are my works from Cesar´s Master Class, he and Ryan are the best teachers i ever know… in just one year i level up a TON my design and sculpt skills.
now im bussy working in a 3D Facebook contest run by “PapaNinja” but A.S.A.P i will post more of my works :slight_smile:

More, more!! Must catch this class next time, it looks like you guys had entirely too much fun. Wonderful attention to anatomy.

2 creatures from this fantastic course.



Hi All.
Just wanted to drop in and first off say thank you guys for starting this thread, very cool of you to do so.
Although I teach the class and give the students the material, it is ALL their doing!
This is an important concept to learn as a student.
I can give you all the knowledge in the world, but if you’re not willing to take the time and implement it… then what was the point?
The work you’re seeing is dedication and sweat equity.
So although I appreciate the kind words, give yourselves the credit as well.
So with that I applaud you all for sticking with me through the 10 weeks and wish all of you the most excellent successfully rich lives, may happiness beckon you at every dawning and
a warm pillow meet you at the end of the night.
Cesar Dacol Jr.

Good stuff, looking forward to seeing more!

Mathieu Mauve
The course helped me a ton. I felt myself grow as an artist, getting more self confidence from the beginning to the end of the 10 weeks. It meant the world to me :).


this is just amazing, really impressive entries all of you. These are really great creature designs and the composites look just astonishing.:+1:
thanks cesar for showing off work you produce with your students in the creature design r2 class, I would have love taken part in it. I promise next time for sure, finally saved money for it…
Because this really shows how intense the course is and how much we can learn from you.
Looking forward seeing more from you and ofcourse your students :slight_smile:
All the best to all of your and happy sculpting,

  • Kenny :slight_smile:

This was the first creature I created during the class, a few more are still in WIP stage so I’ll save them till their polished.

dweller of the forest.jpg

Wow I don’t know where to start. This class have taught me so much that I don’t even know where to begin. Cesar, Ryan, and Wil you guys are awesome of what you do. Thank you guys for all the classes. I just can’t wait to take more classes with you guys.
To some of you out there, this is not only a class. It’s something bigger than that. It’s not a class you just watch video and do your exercise. It’s a live interactive classes that you get to ask all sort of question…I mean literally anything. You get so much more information other than just simply sculpting. Amazing class, I will definitely take it again!!!









I spent so much time teaching myself ZBrush, Books video tutorial, I did them all. I found the learning curve was slow, so I found ZBrushWorkshops and Visualerium and never looked back.
If you need some help with ZBrush I would highly recommend these two learning resources.

I thought I’d include some of my earlier stuff, before showing my later work, which I feel has improved, thanks to Visualerium and Cesar Dacol Jnr.

These two example are the first two projects I completed:

I really enjoyed the Dragon project, which Cesar got us involved in towards the end of the class. I am hoping to move onto painting this model soon, depending on how busy I get over at Visualerium:



I’d like to say a special thank you to Ryan, Will and Cesar for this wonderful class. Also thanks to all the other students who produced some wonderful work and positive support.
Ryan has really developed a special place to learn ZBrush and as a plus you even learn how to sculpt. So you get two for the price of one.
Thanks to Pixologic for giving us the best App on the planet.

I will try and update this thread if I manage to find time to paint my Dragon. THANKS!!!

theMARK - I love the before-and-after comparison. Makes it easy to see how you were able to incorporate some structure into a wild imagination. :wink:

Everything you said about Ryan and Visualarium was spot-on. I wasn’t able to sign up for Cesar’s class (but I keep getting a kick out of the amazing work coming out of it) but the intense training that I got from both the Human and Animal Anatomy classes has absolutely blown me away. If you’ve ever taken classes where the instructor doesn’t seem to have enough time to help you, or may be holding back some tricks so you’ll sign up for the next class – these are NOT those kinds of classes. Every time I start a new sculpt, I’m surprising myself by using tricks I’ve never used before, but my subconscious apparently picked up while watching Ryan’s videos. I can’t even imagine how many years it would’ve taken me to get this far on my own.

I hope you guys keep posting creatures here. They’re really fantastic.

“Take the bones away and everything collapses in on itself !” Thanks for your many pieces of wisdom, Cesar !
If you like your life the way it is, don´t take this class ! :smiley:
You will turn into some psycho watching skin folds and directionality on every human or “thing” surrounding you !
Impossible to thank you enough, Cesar ! What a rollercoaster ride into madness ! :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Here are a few images of models I created while taking Cesar’s creature class. I learned a ridiculous amount of zbrush during this time.
Its my first masterclass. I basically learned zbrush from Ryan Kingslien’s tutorials. He’s got a great knack at teaching, thanks to him also.
I’ve never had the guts to post on ZBC before today.
Any critiques are very welcome. Thats actually one of the great things I took away from Cesar’s class too! worth every cent :slight_smile:




@ harapuzo , looking good man, should post some close ups of the dragon + human.

Thanks johnchen,
sure I can post a closeup for you.
the rider was meant to be viewed at a distance really, but here you go any comments are welcome.

Hi everyone,
Starting a new class over at Visualarium.
As a warm-up I will be posting 5 videos , leading up to
a free webinar on the 16th of July.
This is a new thing for me as for the first time I talk
about not only ZBrush, but my Philosophical approach
towards life and being a professional.
So come and join me.
Cesar Dacol Jr

Hey Cesar! Looking forward to your videos. Really enjoyed the ‘monster month’ you put on. Was clearly a lot of work fueled by your passion, and maybe a bit of coffee:)
One of the things I really enjoyed about the last creature class was your insight and philosophy on life and art. If you’re going to go deeper yet it’ll be cool to listen to your wise words.
Hope you’re well, and if you’re having your shoulder worked on good luck with the recovery. Have a great summer! Maybe see you in TO?

Hi Orest.
Thanks for the kind words.
I know my style of teaching is out there. but I believe in teaching the entire
person not just the hands… if you know what I mean. ^____-
Cesar Jr.