Visit Pixologic at the Creative Talent Network Expo!

Come to the CTN Expo this weekend to network with other artists and animators while attending hands-on demonstrations by top ZBrush artists! You’ll also have a chance to meet members of the Pixologic team. Artists presenting at Booths 52 & 57 include [COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Akin Bilgic, Alvaro Buendia, Michael Defeo, Stefano Dubay, Brandon Fayette, Kevin Garcia, David Igo, Jared Krichevsky, Kurt Papstein, Derek Pendleton, Seth Thompson, Danny Williams and Bryan Wynia.

To learn more about each of these artists, as well as to find out how to register for the show (and receive discounted admission), visit the User Group Meetings page! Each artist is listed, along with samples of their artwork and descriptions of the topics they will be covering.

The event will be this Friday through Sunday (November 16-18)
Burbank Marriott Convention Center
2500 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505


By the way, don’t forget to bookmark the Pixologic: ZBrush Blog. It’s a great way to keep an eye on some of the most exciting things that are happening around the world of ZBrush!



wish we could get stuff like this over here in britain…

I feel ya. I wish Harrisburg PA had stuff like this but I’m convinced there are zero 3D artists here.

Honolulu has a fantastic Convention Center…and zero, no make that 1 ZBrush user…I have been looking…:cry:

wow , so no one hawaii makes 3d stuff? that just makes my complaint seem irrelevante…!!

You do! Check out the bluegfx expo. Glen Southern is actually one of the first major artists to adopt ZBrush. And of course David Richardson is quite talented as well. :slight_smile: