Virūpākṣa and Vaiśravaṇa

Tibetan Buddhas for a Tibetan monastery.We used modeling to create the models, without 3d scanning. It will be 3d printed and cast into bronze.

Virūpākṣa (simplified Chinese: 广目天王; Japanese: 広目天 Kōmoku-ten) is one of the Four Heavenly Kings representing the cardinal direction of the west in Buddhist cosmology.(From Wikipedia)

Main modelers: Yu Zhou, Xiao Zhonglin, Huang Wei, Gao Rui, Peng Zhuxin, Long Sijing,Zhang Sheng
Modeling director: Zhang Sheng
Render: Zhang Sheng


Vaiśravaṇa (Sanskrit) or Vessavaṇa (Pali; Tibetan: རྣམ་ཐོས་སྲས་, Lhasa dialect IPA: Namtösé, simplified Chinese: 多闻天王; traditional Chinese: 多聞天王; pinyin: Duōwén Tiānwáng, Bishamonten (毘沙門天)), is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, and is considered an important figure in Japanese Buddhism.


I like it very much, there is love in this work :+1:

Very cool work and lots of beautiful details!
Ben | 3D Gladiator

to boozy floozie : Thank you !

to Ben | 3DGladiator : thank you!