Virgil Hawkins - Static Shock - Fan Art

Hello People, This is my Fanart for a really Special Character from my childhood, i remember being at my grandmother eating noodles and nuggets and rember watching Static Shock on TV. Virgil Hawkings taught me so much about life and i am really thankfull! The beggining of this project is just to study Realistic Skin Shading and Realistic Dreadlocks hair.For this Project i used Texturing XYZ Multichannel Faces #42.
Hope You really like it.
Thanks a Lot and all comments are welcome .


Ok Zbrush Central… give the man a top row :smiley:

Awesome work, man! Congrats!


WTF ? Top row ! Top row ! Top row ! Congrats fella! :wink:

WOW!! One of your bests so far!!!
"Zbrush central give this man a top row "²

Pretty awesome work man!

I don’t know how to explain this, but I like this so much, superb detail… very well done!