Vintage Hulk and spider man

These are the first two figures in a 1:18 scale series of vintage superhero miniatures (70s and 80s) that I made for Christopher King. they will be displayed in their custom Kenner-style packaging. These are the Hulk by Lou Ferrigno and Spiderman by Nicholas Hammond.

H H2


These are RAD! I’d love to see a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman!

Right now I’m doing Linda Carter’s wonder woman for the same client.

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Oh man, that’s great!

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I love these! Will they be for sale or are they one-offs?
Great photo with Stan Lee too.
You should do the Japanese TV show Spider-Man next!

Hello Kylej39, Thanks.
Models were made by me to order for Christopher King. They are exclusive models and can be purchased through Chrisopher King: https://www.instagram.com/ckingagram/