Viewtiful Joe - Entry for Retrogasm 2018


Hey everyone!

I’m super stoked for Retrogasm 2018 and for my entry I decided to work on Viewtiful Joe because I’m a huge fan of him and don’t think he gets enough recognition. He’s still super early on right now but here’s a screen of what I got so far. I’m waiting until he’s posed to really go in depth with the anatomy.



Started to get Joe posed up. Spent most of the night just roughing in the anatomy on his straight arm. Still needs a bit of work but pushing him along :slight_smile:


Starting to experiment with the expression but need to push it a bit more. I also fixed some armpit anatomy and worked on roughing in the muscles for his bent arm. I’m planning to smooth out all the muscles a bit and make it look less like an ecorche once I get everything into place.


Started to block in the anatomy on his bent leg. Will post some more turnarounds once I work on the other leg :slight_smile:


Here’s some more WIP images of Joe. Started to soften the anatomy a bit but it’s still rough in quite a few areas. I also think I still need to make his helmet a bit more rounder.


Working on refining the anatomy and also softening it up a bit. Looking at this gif I see his Vastus Lateralis is creeping a bit too close to his knee. Gotta bring that back up to where it was :slight_smile:


Spent tonight doing some back and leg refinement. Some areas definitely still need some more love. Gonna give it a few more passes for sure


Didn’t have a ton of time tonight so I mainly just made some small tweaks to Joe’s head. What do you guys think? I’m hoping B added some more character with the cheeks, wider mouth, and rounder eye shapefaceTweaks.gif


Started some more anatomy refinement and adding some of the spandex stretching in. Mainly experimenting and trying to find a good balance where it doesn’t look too busy and still has a clean look.


Still got a ton of work to do but I decided to bring him into Marmoset and play with some lighting


Made some small changes to the pose and added some more detail. Aside from the cape, I think I’m wrapping up the high poly version of Joe


This looks fantastic. What an amazing job you’ve done on the anatomy. Everything is so well balanced.


Thanks Navarokoj I really appreciate the kind words :slight_smile:


Starting to push this guy to Low Poly and tweaking some textures and materials in Substance Painter and Marmoset. Still a bit weird at the moment and need to work things out quite a bit but making progress!


Got the body retopologized and got it into Marmoset as well. Getting close to being finished but still have lots of little things I want to tweaks with the lighting and materials. Also still need to give the cape more love.


Got a low poly cape in there and also made some fixes, especially to his beard which was a bit ugly when you zoomed in on it.
I’m still not super satisfied with the materials and lighting and really want to give them another pass. This part is always difficult for me. If anyone has any critiques I’d really love some insight :slight_smile: I set up a Marmoset Viewer in case someone wants to inspect it a bit more


Just made some really small tweaks to textures and materials all around. Still gonna do one more pass but he’s just about pushed as far as I can.


Hey guys here is the final version of Viewtiful Joe! :slight_smile: I’m sure I could keep tweaking him but I was pretty happy with where he was at and decided to call him finished.

Check out all the renders on Artstation :slight_smile:


As promised, I got Joe all 3D printed up and have started to do some priming and sanding on him. Still a bit more cleanup to do before I start painting him :slight_smile:



Hey guys! Long time no post but I thought I would share the final painted 3D print for you all to see. Hope you all enjoy :slight_smile: