[VIDEO] High Frequency skin details and sculpting in ZBrush

High frequency skin detailing and sculpting in ZBrush


Part 1

Part 2

Format: windows media

A short 20 min video (split into 2 sections) on an easy way to sculpt in very high frequency skin detail in Zbrush. Hopefuly someone will find it of some use.




great videos wayne, tyvm!

Thanks swisher. :wink:

Youtube ones added (as a last resort for those who can’t view windows media files like mac users and other odd balls (joke…no really I’m joking…no…what are you doing… put that gun down!!!) :lol: :lol:


Thanks alot for the videos, much appreciated :+1:

Nice! Thanks for sharing these :cool:

(throws himself as a shield in front of Wayne (is that with a John?) shouting “STOP! NO GUNS!” Then realise it´s a double barreled Ipod & Wesson… Goodbye Wayne…)

No problem guys, I’m just glad it was of use.


Thank you very much! I do appreciate it, as i want to learn this high detail stuff and im about to start doing this on my first zbrush model… so it was a very good time to see this.


CGArena HQ streaming version link

For those of you that hate youtube compression on tutorials CGArena have just syndicated this tut as a nice high quality streaming version. Its availabe to watch either at the link above or from the front page of the CGArena site.

So far there’s been 10 thousand downloads of part 1 of this , and 10 thousand of part , so its good to see so many of you found it useful.


hey thanks man very helpful indeed…


gonna study these videos later.