"Victoria Winter"


Here¨s a new illustration from me. I wanted to make a “cold” image and decided to go for a winter-kingdom theme. I picture the character in this image to be the “Queen of winter”.
Inspired by Edward Scissorhands.

Hope you like


Some details…


Beautiful and vampiric image. I think need hair, long and black hair

i like it:)

cool, I like the bumps in the glass.

Great mood. Excellent piece Breuer.

Seems a wetsuit sportwear :slight_smile:

I really like the style of the picture… Good work!
5 stars to me

Haunting image. Very nicely done.


Thanks alot for the comments. Ill post some more renders later on tonight…
I tried hair, but somehow I felt it “ruined” the face, but ye, the original idea was to have long black hair :slight_smile:


Breuer, wonderful, wonderful haunting piece.

I like her just the way she is…the mood to me, is of a dark place, and her lack of hair adds to the feeling.
Great job.


yes top row man :+1:

great mood you’ve got a great style.

Love it!! 5 ***** Was that all done in ZBrush?

Very interesting piece of work, I love the feeling it conveys!


Thanks again for the comments. I used Zbrush for the head and the jacket. It was rendered in 3Dsmax and composited in PS.

Here¨s a clay render.

Cool pic! I like the creepy eyes. :slight_smile:

Creepy mood you got there,nice job