Victor Yamakado - Sketchbook

Hello everyone,

My name is Victor Yamakado. I’m a brazilian 3d Character Artist and I would like to share some of my work with you.

This is an anatomy study which I decided to go further. It was inspired by a Bertil Nilsson’s photo of a ballet dancer stretching. I used Zbrush for sculpting, Mari for texturing, fibermesh for the hair and I rendered it in Arnold.

I hope you enjoy!

I’d appreciate any feedbacks as well!









woow amazing!

@huber thank you brother! =D

Here are some more images

Wow, great work!

Thx for explaining how you did with Fibermesh. Can I pinterest it for the record?
Your shader is nice too by the way (thx to credit the original user, not all do that!!!)

Again, wow! :slight_smile:

@Air0ne Yeah! Sure you can pin it! It’s a pleasure for me! And about crediting Glauco, yeah, I’ve learned a lot from his stuffs so it would be terrible to not give him any credits. Thanks! :slight_smile:
I hope I could explain a little bit about what I did there. :slight_smile:

Great job! Way to lay the hair sensational! (Although the first hairstyles were also great. ;))

@rulonis haha thank you brother! :slight_smile:

Great work, are you from fineart background ?

great stuff and thanks for the breakdowns.


@brijeshA thank you! Not actually, but I really admire fine art works!

@rasmusW thanks brother! :slight_smile: